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Starter GBP
1Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup2,80
2Chicken and Mushroom Soup2,80
2aHot and Sour Soup2,90
3Mixed Vegetable and Assorted Meat Soup2,80
3aGarlic Mushroom3,50
3bPrawn Toast3,50
3cVegetable Pancake Roll (x 10)2,80
3dCrispy Seaweed3,20
Chop Suey Dishes (Vegetables)GBP
4Special Chop Suey5,80
5King Prawn Chop Suey6,20
6Shrimp Chop Suey5,60
7Chicken Chop Suey5,20
8Beef Chop Suey5,70
8aPlain Chop Suey5,00
8bPlain Chop Suey with Cashew Nuts5,40
Chow Mein Dishes (Fried Soft Noodles)GBP
9House Special Chow Mein6,30
10King Prawn Chow Mein6,30
11Shrimp Chow Mein5,90
12Chicken Chow Mein5,60
13Beef Chow Mein6,10
14Singapore Chow Mein (consists of: Chinese Roast Pork, Ham - has a slightly hot taste)5,90
Curry Dishes (with Boiled Rice or Chips) (Fried rice 20p extra)GBP
15King Prawn Curry6,80
15aSpecial Curry6,80
16Shrimp Curry6,40
17Chicken Curry6,40
17aMushroom Curry6,20
18Beef Curry6,60
18aVegetable Curry6,20
Various Chinese Dishes GBP
19Special with Boiled Rice (Mixed Vegetables with Pork topped with slices of Roast Pork and Chicken)6,20
20King Prawns with Mushrooms6,30
21Shrimp with Mushrooms5,80
22Chicken with Mushrooms5,30
23Beef with Mushrooms5,80
24Beef with Tomatoes in Sauce5,90
24aChicken with Tomatoes in Sauce5,70
25King Prawns with Tomatoes in Sauce6,30
26Barbecued Spare Ribs6,10
26aSalt and Pepper Spare Ribs6,10
26bSalt and Pepper Chicken5,80
27King Prawns with Beansprouts6,30
28Shrimp with Beansprouts5,80
29Chicken with Beanprouts 5,40
30Beef with Beansprouts5,70
31Sliced Chicked and Chinese Roast Pork with Beanprouts5,50
32Chicken with Pineapple5,50
33Chicken with Cashew Nuts5,70
33aKing Prawn with Cashew Nuts 6,30
34Chicken with Sweetcorn5,50
35Chicken with Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts5,50
36Lemon Chicken (Chef's Special)6,30
36aCrispy Chili Beef6,10
36bCrispy Chili Chicken5,70
Fried Rice Dishes GBP
37King Prawn Fried Rice6,30
38Shrimp Fried Rice5,80
39Chicken Fried Rice5,50
40Young Chow Fried Rice (Chicken, Chinese Roast Pork, Ham, Egg and Peas)5,80
40aSingapore Fried Rice5,80
40bMushroom Fried Rice5,50
40cSpecial Fried Rice (Topped with slices of Chicken and Pork in Sauce)6,30
40dRoast Duck Fried Rice6,50
40eSpicy Thai Rice5,80
40fBeef Fried Rice6,00
40gRoast Pork Fried Rice5,80
Sweet and Sour Dishes GBP
41Sweet and Sour King Prawn6,30
42Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs 6,00
43Sweet and Sour Chicken 5,40
43aSweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style5,60
Foo Young Dishes (Egg)GBP
44Chicken Foo Young5,30
45Mushroom Foo Young5,00
46Shrimp Foo Young5,70
47Ham Foo Young5,30
48Chinese Roast Pork Foo Young5,30
48aKing Prawn Foo Young6,30
48bSpecial Foo Young5,80
English Dishes (with Chips and Peas)GBP
49Chicken Omelette6,10
50Mushroom Omelette6,10
51Shrimp Omelette6,20
52Special Omelette6,10
54Plain Omelette6,10
54aSausages (3) with Chips4,70
551/4 Chicken with Chips5,30
56Spanish Omelette6,10
Green Pepper Dishes (Garlic and Black Bean Sauce)GBP
58King Prawns with Green Peppers6,30
59Chicken with Green Peppers5,80
60Beef with Green Peppers6,10
60aSpecial with Green Peppers6,30
Satay Dishes (Spicy Hot Sauce and Green Peppers)GBP
61King Prawn Satay6,40
62Beef Satay6,00
63Chicken Satay5,70
64aSpecial Satay6,30
65King Prawn Satay with Noodles6,50
66Beef Satay with Noodles6,40
67Chicken Satay with Noodles6,20
68Vegetable Satay with Noodles6,10
Vegetarian Dishes GBP
14aVegetable Chow Mein5,50
53Vegetable Omelette with Chips and Peas5,70
64Vegetable Satay5,50
72Vegetable Cantonese5,50
82Vegetable Fried Rice5,50
83Vegetable Singapore Chow Mein5,50
83aVegetable Singapore Fried Rice5,50
New Dishes (Rich and Sweet Tangy Sauce)GBP
69King Prawn Cantonese6,30
70Beef Cantonese5,90
71Chicken Cantonese5,50
72aSpecial Cantonese6,30
73Kung Po King Prawn6,30
74Kung Po Beef5,80
75Kung Po Chicken5,40
76King Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onion6,30
77Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion 5,90
78Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion5,40
79King Prawns with Broccoli in Garlic Sauce6,30
80Beef with Broccoli in Garlic Sauce5,90
81Chicken with Broccoli in Garlic Sauce5,40
84Szechuan King Prawns6,30
85Szechuan Beef5,90
86Szechuan Chicken5,40
87Special Szechuan (Spicy Hot Sauce cooked with Red Peppers)6,30
88Hot Special with Fresh Chili6,30
89Hot Beef with Fresh Chili5,90
90Hot Chicken with Fresh Chili5,50
91Hot King Prawna with Fresh Chili6,30
Roast Duck Dishes GBP
D1Duck with Orange Sauce 7,10
D2Duck with Mushrooms7,10
D3Duck with Pineapple7,10
D4Duck with Beansprouts7,10
D5Duck with Plum Sauce7,10
D6Young Chow Fried Rice with Duck6,80
D7Half Aromatic Crispy Duck (Served with 10 slices of Pancakes, Cucumbers, Spring Onion and Hoi Sin Sauce)15,00
Extra Portions GBP
100Egg Fried Rice2,50
101Boiled Rice2,30
103Fried Plain Soft Noodles3,20
104Fried Mushrooms3,20
106Pancake Roll (2)2,70
107Barbecue Sauce1,60
108Curry Sauce 1,60
109Sweet and Sour Sauce 1,60
110Pineapple Fritters2,70
111Banana Fritters2,70
112Prawn Crackers1,70
113Fried Onions 2,70
114Bamboo Shoots and Water Chestnuts2,90
Special Combination Dinners GBP
Dinner for One11,00
Chicken Chop Suey
Sweet and Sour Chicken (8)
Egg Fried Rice and Prawn Crackers
Dinner for Two19,00
Chicken with Mushrooms
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Barbecued Spare Ribs
Egg Fried Rice (2) and Prawn Crackers
Dinner for Three29,00
Chicken with Mushrooms
Sweet and Sour King Prawns
Barbecued Spare Ribs
Chicken Foo Young
Young Chow Fried Rice and 1 Egg Fried Rice
Prawn Crackers
Dinner for Four40,50
Special Chop Suey
Sweet and Sour King Prawns
Barbecued Spare Ribs
Mushroom Foo Young
Beef with Green Pepper
Chicken with Pineapple
Young Chow Fried Rice and (1) Egg Fried Rice
Prawn Crackers
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